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4 Common Reasons behind Blocked Drains

It might happen that in your routine, you might face any type of plumbingproblem and are willing to get it repaired as soon as possible. There are various plumbing issues, which can crop up at any given point of time, therefore you should take help of a professional plumbing expert, who will help you to get it resolved. These experts have complete knowledge regarding different types of taps, water systems, drainage system, etc. therefore one should approach a professional plumber, if they face with certain problems like blocked drains or if they require hot water repairs in Melbourne.

Blocking of drains is one of the most annoying problem, which a houseowner might have to face at any point of time. You should never attempt to fix plumbing issues by yourself, as it may happen that due to any wrong process you can end up aggravating the plumbing situation.

For this reason, it is recommended to always approach a professional plumber to get the best solution for any plumbing issue. One common problem, which a houseowner has to deal with is blocking of drainage system. This situation really makes it very difficult to deal with as the drainage system gets choked up and leads to further problems.

Let us have a brief discussion regarding common reasons that lead to blockage of drains:

  • Growth of unwanted vegetation – This is one of the common reasons why a drainage systems gets blocked. Piping systems can see unforeseen blockages due to unwanted growth of vegetation. It may happen that due to roots of tree can put heavy pressure on the plumbing lines, which are installed outside your house, which often leads to blockage leading to worsening the problem.
  • Foreign objects – If you notice the change that if your drainage system was working fine few days back, but has suddenly has clogged, then it may happen that due to foreign objects stuck inside, which is further making the drainage system clogged to an extreme level.
  • Greasy surface – It may happen that your drainage system may experience clogging or blockage problem due to build up of oils or greasy substances. Studies have revealed that different types of greases or other such substances can choked up drains quickly, leading to further drainage related problems.
  • Clogging due to hairs – Build up of long hairs is also one of the common reasons behind why the blockage of drains takes place. Hairs, when get tangled and get collected around the drainage system usually work like a net and causes the drainage system to block completely. This net formed by the tangled hair can further collect debris, smaller hair and other such substances, which blocks the drainage system.

To deal with the above mentioned problems, it is recommended that hire a professional plumber, who will carry out the plumbing issues and will resolve it in the best way. Thus, with professional assistance of plumbers, you can get the best solution for any plumbing problem, be it blocked drains in Melbourneor hot water repairs in Melbourne.

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