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Don’t hire a plumber without asking these questions

While hiring a plumber from Balwyn, you need to ensure a few things which would ensure that you get the right services;

  1. On time, every single time convenience

You should make sure that you are able to select the time which is convenient for you. You should ask him from the very beginning if he would be able to come as and when you call him. It’s quite unprofessional to not reach on time. There can’t be anything worse than looking for the person to come whole day especially if you are at work.

  • Price

There are certain factors which would come into picture when the price is the concern. While the professional would determine the problem, you need to ensure that you ask him if the price would be hourly or if there’s any standard fee for the job. You also need to remember to check the price of the parts and the labour.

You should also ask if he would charge anything for overtime and the rate for it. It might be to your benefit to find a professional who has an upfront pricing.

  • Can the part be replaced or repairs

In case you have a leakage or any other small issue, ask if it may be resolved by simple repair or the part needs to be replaced.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

Selects a professional who offers you guarantee for his work.

  • Same day services

It is a wonderful selling point. Generally, when you look for a professional it would be during an emergency situation. And anyways no one likes to wait. So you should try to look for a professional who’s available to offer his services as and when required. Generally this signifies that you should choose the one whose available 24*7.

  • Explanation

You also need to ensure that your plumber of Balwyn explains your issue to you in laymen terms which you would easily understand.

  • While employing a plumbing professional

Just make sure that he abides by the specifications of the manufacturer.

  • Detailed bill

Ask if he would give you a detailed bill on completion of the task.

  • Warranty on the repairs

You should ask if he would give you warranty. You should hire services of a professional who is ready to offer at least 2 years warranty on the repairs.

  1. Experienced professionals

You should choose an individual who has good experience, an insurance cover and a license. It’s very important for you to ask the plumber from Balwynif he is licensed. Once he is licensed, he would have mathematical, drafting as well as plumbing skills along with an ability to read the blue prints and knowledge of the local codes.


While looking for a professional plumber belonging to Balwyn, you should ask a few questions to him. If he is able to answer all your queries you may go ahead and hire him. However, if he hesitates in any regard, you should consider switching to the next option.

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