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How to find an efficient plumber?

The main difference with choosing an efficient plumber in Frankston and choosing a joiner, painter or builder, is that the plumbing professional is not called in case of an emergency. This signifies that you may have a lot of time for looking around. 

So here are a few tips on looking for an efficient professional for all types of situations.

Unfortunately, it does look like that in this trade, there’re a lot of horror stories of some people being ripped off from other trades. Of course, each and every trade would have its own cowboys.

Plumbing professional also entails the work which most of the DIY enthusiasts also do not have enough experience in. Where some people enjoy putting the cabinets together, or decorating or painting, not many of them feel happy in soldering the pipes and messing around with repairing the sewage lines.

Looking for the right professional

Generally the right route for choosing a plumber in Frankston is to go through personal recommendations. This way, you would be able to find at least a professional in advance and also get sufficient information for making an informed choice. Definitely, if the pipers have a leakage, or if your toilet is spewing water, you may not have sufficient time for asking for recommendations.

What should be done in times of emergency?

During a plumbing emergency, the very first port would be probably the Yellow pages or the internet. You may go to the “Chartered Institute of plumbing and heating engineering.”

Before you decide on anything it is important to look for the below mentioned things:

  • How long they’ve been in this business and if they possess an office. A well-established professional would not disappear during his job.
  • You should try to look for some references
  • Whether they have done this kind of work earlier also
  • Whether they have insurance cover or not
  • If he is a member of some professional trading body or not

In case you have some time, then you may also contact the trading body to find out their performance.

How to employ the right professional?

You should not fall in the trap by employing the 1st person you come across. In case it is an emergency, just describe your problem in detail and acquire a quote. Just take quotes for 3-4 different professionals so that you are able to compare the prices.

You need to ask the following questions:

  • What are the call out charges
  • What are the per hour rates that they charge
  • When do these professional start their prices. Some of them charge you right from when they leave their office.
  • You should ask all these questions from the plumber you plan to employ for your house in Frankston.


While hiring a plumber for any kind of work in Frankston, you need to ask a few questions. These would help in ensuring that you have hired the right professional and that you are not falling prey to some amateur.

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